Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well well well, look what I just got! The thing every geek really wants! A Freeduino prototyping board! You can get your very own at the Freeduino website

The Freeduino project is a project that clones the currently closed source
Arduino project. In effect opening the source by making itself completely compatible with the Arduino platform. Which is based on another open source project called Processing

I plan to use it to make a RepRap; rapid prototyping machine! Which is essentially a printer capable of printing in plastic good on three axis!

Anyone wanting to be a part of the project is more than welcome to donate some time or money! Meanwhile, you can find out more at the above links! Happy hacking!

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Mellis said...

Arduino is open source, btw. The IDE is GPL'ed, the libraries are under the LGPL, the Eagle files and schematics for the hardware designs are CC Attribution Share-Alike and had been for two months when you wrote this blog post.